SG101: Smart Grid and Distributed Generation

Smart Grid1 300x185 SG101: Smart Grid and Distributed Generation

$295 – 8 contact hours

ImagineSolar’s, one-day 8 hour course offers students an introduction to Smart Grid concepts and technologies in the electric power industry. The smart grid offers new market opportunities for professionals in electric power and renewable energy.

The smart grid is a big idea designed to transform the way Americans generate, distribute and consume power. This new grid will modernize our nation’s electrical system, instituting a broad range of system-wide improvements that will make our electric grid smarter, more efficient, more reliable, safer and meet future demand growth. The concept is so huge it will take decades to turn into reality, but the work has already begun. To create a sustainable U.S. electric grid, many people need to be involved.

SG101 examines the challenges facing the US electric grid: Aging infrastructure, growing demand, poor efficiency, a lack of automation, and incompatibility with newer, cleaner generation technologies. Methods and technologies currently being deployed to meet these challenges are discussed, as well as future areas of research and development. Topics range from distributed generation, smart meters and demand management to electric vehicles and energy storage.

Who is this class for?

No matter what your experience or background may be, you can use what you learn in SG101 to launch your career in the Smart Grid industry.

  • IT Professionals
  • Engineers
  • University and Community College Students
  • Smart consumer electronics/appliance developers
  • Project Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Electricians, and those skilled in electrical construction

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Classroom Instruction Topics

  • Introduction: Challenges and Solution Sets
  • Smart Grid Overview: Meeting the Challenges
  • Electrification of the Transportation: The Rise of the Electric Vehicle
  • Meters: Smarter Meters for a Smarter Grid
  • Demand Response: Shaving the Peak
  • Smart Homes: Smarter Appliances for Smarter Consumers
  • PMU and Sensors: Phasor Measurement Units – Knowledge is Power
  • Volt/VAR: Making the Grid Work Together
  • Micro Grids
  • Energy Storage
  • DC Systems: The War of the Currents Isn’t Over-Arc Faults and Data Centers
  • FREEDM Center: Meeting Tomorrow’s Energy Needs
  • Jobs Outlook: Addressing a Critical Skills Shortage

About Our Instructors and Facility

ImagineSolar has trained thousands of individuals, many of whom have gone on to be a integral part of the smart grid and solar industries. Our instructors teach best practices using the most current technologies and methods. Our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest advancements as the fast-paced smart grid industry expands and evolves. They take the time to make sure each student is grasping presented concepts. In addition, our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest advancements as the fast-paced smart grid industry expands and evolves.

Guest Lecturer

TheAdvancedSmartGrid 201x300 SG101: Smart Grid and Distributed Generation
John Cooper, MBA, University of Texas at Austin, B.A. in Government, University of Texas at Austin, founder of Ecomergence and Next Watt Solutions. Co-author of Quadruple Bypass: Understanding the Distributed Energy Revolution, to be released in spring 2012, and co-author of the 2011 industry best-seller The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability. 

John Cooper is one of The Networked Grid 100: The Movers and Shakers of the Smart Grid in 2012 as well as one of Fierce Energy’s 15 Most Influential People in Energy  



Instructional Material Provided

  • Full-color Workbook compiled by ImagineSolar
  • Online access to Videos, Supplemental Material, Problem Sets, and Presentations for 30 days after beginning the course

After completing this course, you will understand how your current experience, skill set, and background apply to the smart grid industry.



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